July’s Top Auctions by Category

July is over, and August is finally here – with all its sweltering heat, buzzing cicadas, and (in some places) even more rain than July. Even though we’re already in the second week of August, we’ve still got a lot to talk about with July and its auctions. As most of our bidders know, we have thousands of auctions starting and ending on our site throughout the month – and we’ve put together a post about our top 5 most popular auctions from our top categories, from the month of July, from start to finish.


July’s Top Auctions by Category


Top in Jewelry

What Is It?: 14k Gold 315.94g Chain Necklace

Number of Bidders: 16

Number of Watchers: 28

Winning Bid: $7,018.00





Top in Bikes

What Is It?: Group Of 40+ Used Bikes

Number of Bidders: 6

Number of Watchers: 6

Winning Bid: $2,503.00





Top in Computers

What Is It?: Apple Macbook Pro

Number of Bidders: 18

Number of Watchers: 40

Winning Bid: $1,328.00


Top in Electronics

What Is It?: EMT 251 Digital Reverberation System

Number of Bidders: 7

Number of Watchers: 7

Winning Bid: $1,254.00


Top in Musical Instruments

What Is It?: Gibson Acoustic Guitar

Number of Bidders: 17

Number of Watchers: 41

Winning Bid: $979.00


Did you bid on any of the above auctions, or even win them? Is there an item that you feel should have made the list? If you have any feedback, leave it in the comments – we love hearing from our bidders and readers! Until next time, good luck, and happy bidding!


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