How Does Protect Chain of Custody?

Since we were started by former law enforcement officers, we understand the importance of keeping track of full Chain of Custody. That’s why we created an easily trackable process to ensure full visibility to assets we receive from our clients. Each asset is scanned into the system and scanned in/out of each process step, so you know what day and time that the asset was touched. You can see all of this via AgencyWeb, our proprietary online portal that’s available 24/7. The most important steps of this process are:

  • Unloading and Second Pass
    • This is the first step of the process where we receive the asset, view the asset, and prepare it for testing. If it doesn’t need testing, we skip this step and send it to Cataloging.
  • Testing
    • This step is where we look at electronics, tools, precious metals, and diamonds. Depending on the category of the electronic, the data is wiped and restored to factory settings. If we find jewelry that may be of high value, we send them out to get evaluated by an independent specialist. Other assets are tested to make sure they function.
  • Cataloging
    • We create an item description which calls out the interesting details in the item. This can range from size of the item to color, or any other detail that is relevant to the auction itself.
  • Imaging
    • Our cameras take high definition images of the item to capture detail that may be important to the bidder.
  • Ready for Review and Final Review
    • These are two checks that we do before launching the asset to the site. We decide when the asset should go up for auction and for how long. For example, if we receive an iPhone, but we already have several iPhones up for auction on the platform, we would hold on to the most recently received iPhone for a short period of time to not flood the site. We do this with the goal of getting the highest bids possible for each asset.
  • Send to Auction
    • The auction is listed where our 2.1+ million registered bidders can click, read information about it, and proceed to bid. Once the auction is closed and the winner is notified.   
  • Fraud and Customer Service Checks
    • Customer Support will contact high value auction winners to verify information and transaction details. They also monitor accounts and investigate any suspicious activity. Our Customer Support and Fraud teams handle all payment disputes with our Fleet Services as well.
  • Shipping or Prepare for local pickup
    • If we can’t feasibly ship the item, we let the bidders know that it must be picked up at one of our processing centers. 

Each of these steps are easily trackable thorough AgencyWeb, which allows each client to monitor what’s going on with their assets. This transparency allows clients to rest assured that we’re doing our jobs so that they can do theirs.

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