To Group or Not to Group When Sending in Assets?

When you are preparing assets to send in, is it best to group assets under one barcode or individually barcode assets?

BEST PRACTICE: Group similar or like items under one barcode on the prepared manifest.

This saves time for your agency, but doesn’t necessarily mean we will auction the items that way. We will review and pull out the assets, evaluating each one before uploading for auction on our website.

When we receive the assets, we will then ungroup and regroup as appropriate from the original barcode to maximize the dollar value of each item.

Example 1: Your agency has a box of miscellaneous watches. Send that box to us under one barcode, and we will ungroup them as appropriate to prepare the assets for auction. If there is a Rolex, for example, among the watches, it may be best to single that one asset out and group the remaining watches into a bulk lot. This adds an extra layer of visibility on a high dollar asset while being processed by our team.

Example 2: Your agency has multiple non-identical assets, like a miscellaneous box of electronics. Since these assets would all be part of the same main category, electronics, put them under one barcode. We will then ungroup as appropriate when received at the Processing Center.

And, as always, don’t worry – you will still have full chain-of-custody tracking capabilities on your agency’s assets. Each asset will be traceable back to the one barcode and be available in our reporting system.

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