Cruising to a New Home

The newest addition to’s Hall of Fame was this 1988 30′ Sea Ray 305 Sedan Bridge. See how we auctioned this asset and learn how we continue to successfully auction other big assets we come across.


We had a limited amount of time to get a large boat to auction for a client.

One of our clients had a 1988 30’ Sea Ray 305 Sedan Bridge that they wanted to part with as soon as possible. Within two weeks’ notice of the asset, we needed to get the boat in front of interested parties and conduct a strong auction.


A weeklong auction at the client’s location was supported by robust marketing plan.

The Client used our Gold Auction Services, which means we did not move the asset to conduct the auction. This week long, in-place auction, for the boat was aided by marketing tactics to get the users excited and ready to bid. We utilized a tailored email list to users interested in large assets, vehicles and equipment, while sending a mass email to our bidders, social post, and a custom homepage banner to send incoming visitors to the auction. This process, from listing and marketing, to the closing of the auction took less time than usual because our Client chose our Gold Auction Services.


Auction closed above reserve price with over 150 bids.

The Watch List on this auction was comprised of 130 registered bidders, which means they received email notifications with the status of the auction. The Boat Auction itself had 20 active bidders with a total of 156 bids. Easily surpassing the reserve, the final bid placed was for $12,950 and both client and customer were happy with the outcome.

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