Bringing Back Memories…

Sometimes the stars align and something extraordinary and wonderful happens for those who need it most …

Property Room had one of those moments recently when a 1985 Baltimore Colts USFL Championship ring surfaced on our website in one of our auctions. Turns out it belonged to the late NFL star Billy Hardee, Jr., who died in a motorcycle accident last year. Mr. Hardee had  started playing football as a defensive back for Virginia Tech in the 1970s and then going on to play in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts, the Denver Broncos, and the New York Jets.

It came as a shock to friends of the family when they came across Mr. Hardee’s USFL Championship ring on Property Room. The ring had been stolen several years earlier and never recovered. Everyone had assumed that it was lost forever. They immediately notified Property Room and the ring was returned to Debbie and their three children. We’re ecstatic that Mr. Hardee’s family has recovered a tangible piece of his  legacy.


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