Better than Jewelry

GemstonesNot only does the beauty of gemstones puts them in demand, their limited number, plus the high cost of mining them makes them even more valuable. But why buy a gemstone when you can have a stunning jewelry that is ready to wear?

One reason for buying loose gemstones is to build your own gemstone collection.

Some other appealing reasons are:

  1. BETTER VALUE: You can get a better value than gemstones already set in jewelry. This is because you aren’t paying for the additional setting.
  2. TRUE VALUE: You can easily see the true value of a gemstone; when a gemstone is set in a piece of jewelry, inclusions can be hidden and its color can look deeper and brighter. Sometimes the color can even change due to the material that is used in the setting of the stone and it is much better to see it in its natural form.
  3. DESIGN YOUR OWN: Having the freedom of selecting the gemstones for your own jewelry setting is priceless. You get the chance to create your own unique personalized jewelry that you simply won’t find in any jewelry store.

Here are few selections of Fine Gemstones up for auction. It’s the perfect time to create your own jewelry and take your collection up a notch!

4.75 Ametrine


4.75 ct VVS Natural Ametrine Bi-Color Amethyst Citrine Oval Cut Loose Gemstones

Gemstone: Natural Ametrine
Origin: Brazil
Color: Purple and Yellow
Size: 11.59 x 9.36 x 5.94mm


1.30 Tanzanite


1.30 ct VVS Natural Tanzanite Oval Cut Loose Gemstones

Gemstone: Natural Tanzanite
Violet Blue 
7.58 x 5.59 x 3.88mm



3.32 Ametrine

3.32 ct VVS Natural Ametrine Bi Color Amethys Citrine Oval Cut Loose Gemstones

Gemstone: Natural Ametrine
Origin: Brazil
Color: Purple and Yellow
Size: 9.85 x 8.61 x 6.71mm



1.27 Tanzanite


1.27 ct VVS Rare Natural Tanzanite Oval Cut Loose Gemstones

Gemstone: Natural Tanzanite
Origin: Tanzania
Color: Violet Blue green
Size: 7.73 x 5.69 x 3.58mm



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