Because you’re not supposed to have it

Error cards are highly collectible type of cards because they are not supposed to be sold in the first place. It’s a usual practice for errors in production to be destroyed at the factory and are not expected to be seen by public — finding, or more so having one is such a unique deal.

Pro Tip: These are not your ordinary trading cards;  in fact, error cards are actually more valuable than their corrected version.

Two of these unique deals are currently up for auction! Again, you’re not to supposed to have it..but now you can. 


1990 JOE MONTANA Pro Set Wrong Back (Tough to Find)

This card has a correct front but has an Irv Eatman #142 back.



1989 Upper Deck RAFAEL PALMEIRO Overprint Wrong Back 

The card has correct front but the back has been double printed. It was printed once with the Palmeiro back and then it was printed a 2nd time with a Ricky Jordan back.


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