Thumb Power!

logitecDon’t lose another arcade tablet game or precious points because your thumb missed the control area ever again! With this Logitech Joystick for iPad and Android Tablets, you’ve got the perfect device for playing games on your tablet! The two suction cups are attached to the coiled spring, attaching/removing easily from your tablet. You’ll have all the function of a regular joystick with your thumb!

If you have tried one of the arcade style games for tablets with a virtual joystick, then you know how easy it is to have your fingers slip just a few inches and then lose the game! With the Logitech joystick for tablets, you not only have a physical joystick to keep your place, you’ll find the precision that you need to achieve amazing game play! More and more “retro” style arcade games – as well as a new crop of HD tablet games – are using virtual joysticks and d-pads! Get a jump on your competition with the Logitech Joystick for iPad and Android tablets!


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