Salvador Dali Persistence of Memory: Meaning of the Melting Clocks

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The Art

  salvador dali 

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech was born on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain. The gifted Dali was just 14 when his works were first exhibited, as part of a show in Figueres. Then at 17, he was accepted at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. He was known for being highly imaginative, quirky, and eccentric. On his year-end oral exam, Dali declared to his 3 professors that he is far more intelligent than them and refused to be examined by them. Academy officials then expelled him without a diploma. Dali soon became a leader of the Surrealist Movement. His painting, The Persistence of Memory, with the melting watches is still one of the best-known surrealist works of all time.


Surrealism was an artistic movement built to express imagination as revealed in our dreams. It was believed that if Persistence of Memory depicts a dreams state, then the distorted melted clocks are representations of the erratic passage of time while we were dreaming. If we look at the art through the perspective of a dream state, the distorted clocks don’t have any power in the dream world and are melting away because of that.

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