Pros and Cons of Buying Used Cars

Caught in a situation where you don’t know which way to go? We encounter this on a daily basis, like where to eat and where to go. But the most crucial of this decision-making are big life events, like when it comes to choosing your new ride. We go through the nitpicking of which model and brand, but before that, we are always faced with an underlying, but utterly important question, should you get a brand new or ‘new to you’ car?

Tough question, right? But let’s face the truth: cars are expensive. New vehicles are very expensive, so giving some serious thought to buying a pre-owned vehicle can save serious dough. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going this route? Well, we listed a few to help you arrive to that critical decision:


 The Pros  The Cons
The Price: The old adage that a new car loses thousands of dollars in value the moment you drive it off the lot is still very true, and it’s why buying a used car can be a better bargain. Since you are already the second buyer, you avoid that big initial hit that the previous owner took to their wallet. Fear of Buying Somebody Else’s Problem: Used cars are “broken in” by another driver. You don’t know exactly how the previous owner drove. Did he or she follow the manufacturer’s guidelines? Did the previous owner perform regular maintenance? Are you getting something that’s been chewed up, ragged out and discarded in favor of a new toy? In buying used cars, you’ll have to rely on the reputation of the dealer.
No More Useless Extras: The oldest trick in the dealer’s book is to install additional dealer options in a new car. They’ll add “anti-rust coating” or navigation systems that do not add to the car’s resale value. In buying used cars, you may not get every feature you want, but you certainly won’t end up paying extra for things you didn’t ask for. If you really want some upgrades, you can easily get add-ons for a much lower cost from an after-market installer. Not in Stock: Local lots might not have exactly what you want. If you want a specific car, for example, you might not be able to find a red one. You may have to go with blue instead, or white.
Condition: Buying used cars doesn’t always mean dilapidated bodies and damaged motors. Just be patient in finding a good deal and you can get a used car that’s in excellent mechanical shape, or even scratch-free. In fact, you could even find one that is in “like new” condition. Discontinued Parts: Sooner or later older models will become difficult, and more expensive, to get replacement parts. This is due to the fact that some manufacturers are discontinuing old parts for a more up-to-date parts.

Ultimately, you’re the only one who can decide if new or used is right for you. But if after giving the matter plenty of thought and if you decide that buying a used car is the way to go, be sure to take in these quick tips to end up with the perfect vehicle at the best possible price:

Buying Used Cars Tip #1: Set your budget

Buying a used car, which can cost less than a brand new car, it still means shelling out money. Setting your budget upfront may help you in getting the right deal. If you only have a few thousands of dollars to spare, don’t look at cars that are above that range. Your set budget will already filter out which ones to inspect further.

Buying Used Cars Tip #2: Research, Research and Research 

Researching where to buy is the start. You should find a seller, a trusted one.

Second is researching on the certain car that you’d want to purchase. Check the reviews of the same model, whether it is easy-to-fix or does it have major manufacturing problems or will it be dependable after a few years of running. Doing this research can off-handedly give you a brief background on whether the car would have the capability to meet your needs or not.

Buying Used Cars Tip #3: Inspect!

Check the vehicle history description. Most cars being sold have their basic information on-hand – their VINs, model, make and general conditions.

Extra Tip: Did you know? Surplus law enforcement vehicles are being sold online – these ranges from cars, trucks, vans and even heavy equipment. Most vehicles are up for preview and can be visited in the yards before bidding for it online. View the list of available vehicles HERE.

PR Buying Used Vehicles

Good luck on the search for your new ride and many years of happy and safe driving!

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