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Ever wondered why they are called half eagle when you can clearly see the whole eagle on the reverse side of the coin? They got their nickname “half eagle” because they are just half the size of the old $10 eagle gold coins minted over a hundred of years ago. The eagle base-unit of denomination served as the basis of other denominations such as gold quarter-eagle (US$ 2.50) and the double-eagle coins (US $20).

It was produced for circulation from 1795 to 1929. Since its first production, half eagle had a series of redesigns. By 1834, the diameter of the coin was reduced to 22.5 mm and composition was changed to .8992 gold. It was called the “classic head”  or the “liberty coronet” and was designed by Christian Gobrecht. However, in 1837 the gold content was increased to 0.900 in accordance with the Act of January 18, 1837.

Here is a 1893 $5 Liberty Half Eagle that contains nearly 1/4 Troy Oz. Of Pure Gold. With the big gold melt downs in the past, there is no telling how few of these remain. So if you’re looking for a gold coin, you better bid for this beautiful coin now. Happy Bidding!

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