How to be a BidNinja?


Anyone can be a BidNinja.

You just have to be a registered bidder here, at, bid away during the month of May and you’re all set. It’s that easy! Bidding is FREE and you get a chance to win $100 in AMEX gift cards*.

And to master the art of bidding — to be a pro BidNinja, follow these tips.

#1 Do you really want it?

Bidding is fun especially if you’re going after an item that you really really want. There are a lot of treasures that are up for auction, find one (or two or three) that you love and get bidding.

#2 Watch closely.

See something you like? Use your BidNinja Watch List to keep an eye on auctions that interest you.

#3 Use powerful weapons.

Tools, such as ProxyBid, are available to help you out. Learn more about them and use them wisely.

Be a BidNinja today. Start bidding HERE.

*Click here for Full Rules.

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