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1Safety, whether in the home or when traveling, is everyone’s priority. Having the home safe is easy; just put up CCTVs and home alarms and you’re good to go.

But ever wondered how to do this when traveling?

We can’t just hold up a camera everywhere we go, or patch up a security alarm on our skins. When traveling, we want to stealthily keep ourselves safe, especially at night and most specifically in unknown places. Thanks to technology, it is now possible — and it is something handy and affordable.

Have you heard about the Mini Personal Security Travel Alarm?

Mitaki_Mini Travel Personal Alarm

What it is?
From the makers, Mitaki-Japan, it is a motion sensor, personal alarm and LED flashlight all built into one unit; an effective and low cost motion alarm built in a convenient size that is perfect for concealing and traveling.

Not only is it portable, it also has an integrated Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor which can be easily used almost anywhere. It has a horizontal detection area of 30° degrees, and senses motion at a distance of up to 10 feet away. The travel alarm’s motion sensitivity can even be adjusted to ignore small pets.

How does it work?
#1 As a Motion Sensor

Place the mini travel alarm on a vibration-free, dry, flat surface within 10 feet of the area you want to monitor for movement. Move the “slide cover” exposing the infrared sensor and the off/auto switch. Turn the switch to auto, and the sensor will start detecting motion in 60 seconds. If the PIR sensor is triggered via movement detection, it activates an alarm lasting for 15 seconds and then automatically re-arms itself.

#2 As a Personal Alarm

To activate, simply pull the metal tab out of the top of the mini travel alarm to emit an attention grabbing alarm sound. It is built with a key chain ring and a wrist strap for convenience and quick access to the alarm feature when needed.

Anywhere you decide to place it, either a) in an open window, sliding door, or room door while sleeping, or b) clip it in your bag or keychain, the effectiveness is still the same. PLUS, it has an LED flashlight you can use for emergencies.

Keep safe and bid for it HERE.


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